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August 11, 2013
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Splendorman held out the hat to you "Go on [Y/N]! Choose something from the hat!" He smiled, as per usual. You put your hand in the hat, flinching at some sharp object, probably from Jeff and Jack. You finally found a soft, velvet feeling cloth, and pulled it out carefully. You looked at it. It was a polka dot black cloth, that matched Splendy's suit. You coughed slightly "Uhm.." You glanced at Splendy, who was now blushing. Ben and Jeff were doubled over laughing "Go on Splendy! I'm sure [Y/N] will help!" Ben chuckled. You felt yourself blush slightly, knowing what Ben meant. Splendor looked at you and walked to the cupboard. You followed, as did everyone else. Ben grinned "Not letting you two out unless I hear some action in there!!" He shouted, while Slenderman was closing the door. Slendy started saying things to Ben and Jeff, telling them to leave.

The cupboard was small and dark. Splendy looked straight at you "So.. What actually happens in here?" He whispered. You shrugged "I guess people.. Hug.. An-" You got cut of by Splendy hugging you "I can hug!" He smiled. You giggled "I see.. But they also tend to make out as much as they can.." You tried to explain. Splendy frowned in confusion "So.. Kissing?" He asked. You nodded, blushing. Splendy smiled "Wanna try..?" He whispered into your ear. You nodded again. Before you expected it, he gently kissed your neck, slowly moving up to your lips. He gently kissed you, and you kissed back, his tongue slid towards your mouth and you opened it to let it in. Your tongues danced, making it hot in the cupboard. You put your arms round his neck, and his were round your waist. He let his tongue wander away from yours, exploring the inside of your sweet, wet mouth, wondering what else he could find. He soon after pulled away and your frowned in disappointment. He seemed sad that you were disappointed, so he decided to continue.

After what seemed like forever, you were making small noises of pleasure, and feeling slightly wet down there. Splendy didn't seem to notice, but you continued to make out. You felt him slightly push you against the wall, and you blushed even more when you felt something hard pushing against your stomach. Ben opened the door "TIME IS U- Oh my god. Splendorman is HARD?! And [Y/N] is wet? Hmm.." He chuckled. Slendy grabbed Ben "Ben, leave them alone. You do much more than that so be quiet." He sighed and looked at you two, who were looking away awkwardly, blushing.

As you walked out, you decided that making out with Splendorman is something you will never forget.
This was the most requested I think! Enjoy!!

Okay it's not much of a lemon but whatever:P It is for Splendy^^
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CR3ATIVARTZ 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
<3 I love it!! That is how I picture Splendy; Kind of clueless, but willing to try new things. And such a sweetheart!!!!!
Blackbutler8601 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
The NoseBleed is strong with this one u.u 
 Ben opened the door "TIME IS U- Oh my god. Splendorman is HARD?! And [Y/N] is wet? Hmm.." He chuckled. 
*smiles like a maniac* "I think someone needs an arrow to the heart!" *Pulls out heart shaped arrows n bow n aims at BEN's heart*
BEN: "Oh, that'll hurt."
Everyone else who has faced my arrows: O_O he's doomed.
*shoots special arrow* "Have fun!"
BEN: *goes down, knocked out n spasms* 
This is awesome. :iconsplendormanplz:
foxcovert Apr 5, 2014  New member
me: *throws a ninja star at BEN* STOP BEING A PERV!
Ben: Nah. *narrowly misses another ninja star* OK OK ILL STOP!!!
everyone but me and Ben: O.O
me: Good. *walks away like a bad ass* NaNoEmo 24 - :relax: 

                                                                        Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 
By a cupboard.... do you mean like a closet... or like that box like thing that's in a kitchen :P
I'm sure I could make Splendy fit in a box...
But at least you get nosebleed!
Slendyslilgirl Feb 12, 2014  New member  General Artist
Shadow: Mind if i have a turn splendy *blushes*
Splendy: sure why not *pulls you in to the closet
7 mins later
Shadow/Spendy blushing hard
creepmcpasta Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I was thinking of this picture of prussiaxgermany in a box making out when it said that we were in the cupboard.
maskiessister Apr 4, 2014  New member
"I am super awesome!!" - prussia. I'm glad I'm not the only one who watches hetalia!!
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